7 February 2019



ALNİLAM Clothing is a women’s clothing manufacturer that you’re able to made a dress or dresses in your dream sewed.


We established our first textile mill in 1994 by Baki Dogan who has been the biggest inspiration since its foundation.

 Firstly, we have started to work in the domestic Turkish market within Turkey like Gizza, Beymen, SuTeks, Adil Isık. All these companies were crucial in the Turkish market and some of them were also known well all around the world. 

In 1998 we first started manufacturing women’s clothing to Bulgaria including to Canada, Nigeria, England, and France in advanced years.  

 In 2001 We first made a collection so that it exhibits on the podıum in Canada.

Since 1994 we have still been working on every kind women’s clothing of high quality and worked with companies that made its name. 

Who we have so far worked was looking for quality and durable sewing, and consequently, we always tried to manufacture the best clothes for them as to how they’d like.

We dedicate ourselves to spread our brand to the world with our quality sewing and to demonstrate how the best women’s clothing is being made since we established.