16 February 2019

Make Your model special



Here you are

If you come to this page, then you have gorgeous models of clothes that you’d like to make it manufactured. 

If So,

As always, We are ready to manufacture your garment with high quality.

You should click the button below to upload your photos of models and write some information. 

So we are going to contact you to inform you about everything like fabric, payment and any of your question. If you’d rather contact us by phone call, skype or email, that will be great.





We made plenty of women’s clothes how customers requested. We really trust ourselves to make your clothing better than anyone makes. We have 35 years experience in the clothing sector, that ‘s why We can tell this easily.






You can decide everything about the fabric, accessory. Both you can add accessory and stones for your garment and change design any time while we are manufacturing it. So you can also specify what we are going to use or not to use.






       Click Here to send to fill up the FORM that you can specify somethings about your clothes.